About Our Funders

Cathy Wurzer talks with Mary Brainerd, former CEO of HealthPartners, and Dr Penny Wheeler, CEO of Allina Health, about why their organizations have chosen to fund The Convenings.

“We are a proud supporting partner of The Convenings— a tremendous opportunity for Minnesotans across the state to talk about what matters most in life and at life’s end.”
—Penny Wheeler, CEO, Allina Health

“We can all celebrate when partners from across the state come together to sponsor important shared efforts. There is nothing more important than creating an opportunity for people to talk about their own wishes and choices at the end of life—and share that conversation with those who love them most. That has been the work of The Convenings; we are proud to be a part of this partnership.”
—Mary Brainerd, former CEO, HealthPartners

“In our communities, The Convenings has created an opportunity and forum for all of us and each of us to reflect and share what is important as we not only live but as we also prepare for the inevitable end of our lives. We are pleased to help sponsor this collaboration and caregivers, patients, and the broader public have widely embraced this conversation and its impact.”
—Kenneth Holmen, MD, CEO, CentraCare

Founders Penny and Bill George created the George Family Foundation in 1994 to make a positive impact on issues of importance to them. Through the Foundation, the Georges find great pleasure in sharing the blessings they have received in ways that make a lasting mark.